About Sunhitech Co., Ltd

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About Sunhitech Co., Ltd.


Sunhitech is a leading company in Viet Nam with certified engineers and have many years in high information technology (IT), it means we always preserve ourselves the highest responsibilities to please your satisfactions.


We always understand that to enterprises, IT can be a real challenge for managements. Sunhitech helps you to win the IT with our new solutions, services, devices. your organization will be in the best hands.


Our philosophy is that we always listen, analyze, understand the demands of each our customers and apply our yearly experiences, skills, thoughts to solve problems, optimizing the demands & help you to focus into your business without worrying about IT managements that what we are looking for. Each customer is as bricks to build the values of Sunhitech.


To talk about the IT, we supply the solutions, services, devices as follow:


Maintenances serivces | Hired engineers services | Shifting systems devices | Emergency suppport services | Systems management services | Network solutions | Security solutions Videoconference & television systems | Wifi solution systems| Camera solution systems | Datacenter solution systems | Pax solution systems | Access door controls and time clock solution systems| Virtualization solution systems  Office equipment |


Explore the more solutions, services, devices, Call us +84 09025 777 63 or fill the contact form here.


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