UPS Santak

Sắp xếp
- Compact size
-Fast UPS charging time: 2-4 hours
-Small load sensing technology
-There is a USB port that supports UPS monitoring
-Certified CE 

- Protection for most power problems - Standard RS232 computer interface and smart slot - System administration by WinPower / WebPower software - Automatically switch to Bypass mode when overload, UPS fails 

- Function of saving power, voltage stabilizer, automatic frequency stabilizer, anti-pulse, filter noise, anti-lightning transmission
- True Online Double Conversion technology
- True sine wave output voltage in all grid states and independent of the remaining capacity of the battery source
- Lightning protection function for devices 
Compact size.
  Fast UPS charging time: 2-4 hours.
  Small load sensing technology.
  There is a USB port that supports UPS monitoring.
  Get CE certification. 
- Twinguard UPS is designed for backup power, suitable for computers, office machines, computers
  money in supermarkets, and other electronic and IT equipment.
- Using surface-glued components (SMD) technology to make Twinguard products compact and lightweight
- Up to 10 milliseconds to switch operating state from grid to backup mode and vice versa
- Simple and easy operation 
- Time to switch operating state from grid to backup mode and vice versa is up to 10ms.
- Cold start function when there is no mains power.
- Simple and easy operation.
- Safe charger to prolong battery life.
- Good compatibility with generators. 
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