Datacenter Infrastructure Solution

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The design goal is to provide a total solution to build a stable, reliable and high-tech infrastructure for the operation of the Data Center. In particular, the scope of work includes installing equipment systems for the power supply area, server room, network equipment room, operating monitoring room, air conditioning area ...

It can be seen that the need for saving words and information processing is growing. We will need a total solution for IT systems in the enterprise. That is why DataCenter (DC) is gradually becoming an indispensable concept in all business activities. Understanding this trend, NISCO has been investing in the brain and resources for many years to research DC solutions. With nothing but the purpose of giving our customers the optimal value in terms of technical depth and financial benefits.

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As a leading partner of most well-known infrastructure manufacturers in Vietnam (TE Connectivity, Aixs, Cablofil, Systimax, APC, Emerson ...), Nisco has the ability to design and test. public, training, technical support and providing additional services for the entire Data Center infrastructure to customers. Detailed items such as:
  • Network cabling and telecommunications.
  • Core network system (Core Switch, Router ..)
  • SAN storage system (Storage Area Network)
  • Accurate air-conditioning system.
  • Power systems, power distribution and UPS.
  • Rack system.
  • Security control system (IP Camera, Access control).
  • Fire alarm system, smoke alarm, anti-liquid leak, environmental monitoring.
  • Lift floor system.
  • Anti-lightning system.
  • Partial and overall governance systems ...​

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Our advantages

  • Design and construction according to the latest standards: TIA 742, TIA / EIA 568B, ISO11801, TIA / EIA 862 ...
  • Leading manufacturers: Cisco, HP, Dell, APC, Emerson, Systimax, Krone, AMP, Siemens,
  • Capable of designing and constructing large-scale Data Center systems (up to several hundred Racks) and overall including all components. Especially capable of consulting - designing and implementing in stages, in line with the development plan to ensure optimization of investment costs.
  • With a team of technical and business professionals, the ability to manage projects professionally and fully tools, professional tools: construction equipment, measuring machines.             

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Power systems, power distribution and UPS

  • The power system must ensure the input power source for all equipment in the company operates stably during working time with the total load depending on demand and withstand the load at startup.
  • Ensure backup time for the whole system from 16 to 20 minutes when running full load and support Redundancy.
  • Ensure safety for all equipment when external power sources have an increase or decrease of voltage.
  • Ability to expand capacity and backup time.
  • Battery module and Power module support hot-swap
  • Support control via Internet.

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Lift floor system

  • This is a necessary system for designing a standard Server room.
  • Anti-static raised floor, anti-moisture proof
  • Bearing high, ensuring uniform load.
  • In addition to the raised floor, it also ensures the beauty of the Server room
  • Floor height: 30 cm

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Cabling & Rack system

Enables cable management including network cable and centralized power cable system
Enclosed socket systems are available to cater for server systems, network equipment or other specialized equipment when installed on a Rack.
The neutrally-designed rack ensures compatibility with all devices complying with international standards 19 ”EIA-310.
The rack provides recessed space for mounting a power distribution system that makes it easy to manage multiple sockets while not taking up rack space.
The rack has openable front and back doors for cooling requirements of applications
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