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Today Information Technology (IT) has become an integral part of the daily work of almost all cultural and socio-economic activities in Vietnam. IT has promoted undeniable efficiency in modernizing and improving the efficiency of work of private companies as well as in public agencies.

Based on your request to build a video conferencing system, below we would like to present solutions to meet those requirements. The proposed solution consists of the following:


1. General introduction
Videoconferencing is a real-time multimedia information system. This system allows users in different places to exchange information, images, audio, data, ... to organize meetings, seminars, conferences, distance learning, medical advice. , ...
In recent years, with the information explosion in the digital age, in the world, video conferencing systems have been widely and practically applied for economic and cultural development. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a fast-growing country and already has many video conferencing systems deployed.
One of the reasons for the growth of videoconferencing system is the continuous progress of transmission network technology, mobile phone networks, internet, ... combined with the development of public technology of image processing and digital image compression has revolutionized video conferencing technology.
From the simple video conferencing systems before, so far the world has appeared video conferencing networks with hundreds of thousands of endpoints. From PCM technologies, ISDN, ATM, ... up to now, video conferencing systems have been designed based on IP network.
Videoconferencing applications become more and more popular in all aspects of social life such as: commercial activities, finance, administrative conferences, working cooperation, distance education, articles telemedicine treatment, commanding security, defense, natural disaster prevention, etc.The benefits of video conferencing are enormous, it saves time, travel costs and save a lot of expenses incurred in comparison with conferences held in a centralized and traditional manner.
2. The main equipment of a video conferencing system
    2.1 Video conferencing terminal equipment
Video Conferencing System VCS (Video Conferencing System) is the most important equipment. VCS is the basic equipment needed for Video Conferencing application that captures images and sounds at a point, encodes them in a certain way and then sends them to the far end via a transmission network environment. Some VCSs now have an open design that makes it easy to update software as well as expand hardware to be compatible with various video conferencing connectivity standards. Each VCS device must include the following components:
Camera: Functions to record, process and transmit image signals for conferences.
Microphone: A device for capturing audio signals during a conference.
Codec: The image / audio encoder (audio / video codec) converts visual and audio signals into digital signals and compresses them before transferring them to the network.
    2.2 Video conferencing auxiliary system
To be able to organize an indispensable video conferencing network components auxiliary equipment for the display, monitoring, management of the process of the conference.
These devices can be divided into the following components:
+ Display support system: Including monitors or projectors displaying images of the near and far end of the conference, images from other video sources, ...
+ Audio equipment system: Including loudspeaker systems, amplifying sound amplification of near and far ends, microphone system for recording in conferences.
+ Video equipment system: Including cameras, VCRs to record and play video sources.
+ Specialized support equipment system: Depending on each conference in each specific field, there will be different auxiliary equipment. For example, in distance learning, it is indispensable for data sharing PCs to transmit lectures to video conferencing systems, ...
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