Hire personnel to manage and operate IT

Ngày tạo 14/06/2019

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Sunhitech's IT personnel leasing packages:
Management of telephone exchange system:
Consulting, technical support, installation and repair of phones.
Maintenance, operation of hardware systems, software, network support, remote monitoring, replacement of equipment.
Computer hardware management
Diagnose and solve hardware problems.
Installing hardware and software configurations.
Guide to using IT for all personnel.
Computer network administration
Managing the entire network of internal and offline networks.
Monitoring, system optimization, Internet speed, storage capabilities, deployment of peripheral devices ...
Management of Camera system, time attendance.
System security management
Build and manage security processes and anti-virus processes.
Overcome after the attack.
Backup, virus prevention process
Information system administration
Security check, security planning analysis.
Analyze and evaluate IT systems optimally
Provide high-level IT management personnel
IT Director
Comprehensive IT system management specialist.
Setting up an IT management unit (partial or full)
Analysts, plans to build IT systems, manage budgets
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