IT System Relocation Service

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Overview Introduction:
There are many questions for IT managers about relocating IT systems to new locations such as:
How to protect hardware and equipment ?,
How much downtime does it take to accommodate system relocation?
How to ensure the business of the business is always continuous ?,
Can we relocate all equipment without removing it ?,
Relocating IT systems, whether relocating some equipment or relocating all equipment in the IT system to a new location, we should focus on a number of design, organization, planning and upcoming tasks. align equipment and enterprise data to suit workspaces, data center operations and device scalability, rather than simply changing device locations and transferring data Data in the system.
Sunhitech has a team of experienced and highly specialized engineers in deploying and relocating the actual IT system, so Sunhitech introduces to you the IT relocation service business according to the practical and professional process, Sunhitech will proactively propose businesses a detailed relocation plan, prevent the risks associated with the relocation process, etc., so that the relocation will take place for them the process, time and cost as set out, in order to to ensure the production and business activities of your business.

IT relocation service package:

IT System Relocation Service
  • When deciding to relocate, consolidate or combine the systems, fully and accurately consider the goals of the project to both bring efficiency and protect assets for your business.
  + Determine goals and success criteria clearly
  + Strategies and how the target will be implemented.
  + Determining financial and non-financial benefits of the solution and plan.
  + Clearly define quality constraints, compared to the schedule, the costs involved.
  + Identify high-level risks, and threats, offer solutions
  + Consider implementing or outsourcing.
  + Identify resources, capabilities, skills and services to deploy.
  + Ensure a well-informed plan to decide.
  • Solutions to ensure business activities and services of enterprises such as:
  + Identify benefits and limitations of the current system and service.
  + Proposing solutions suitable to the development of the business
  + Meet the financial needs and quality
  + Ensure resilience and system redundancy
  + Ensure the requirements of the application system
  + Secure WAN / LAN optimization
  + System virtualization and secure data storage,
  + Power distribution system and UPS.
  + Mounting position reaches the rack and cable
  + Cooling system and air-conditioning.
Implementation of relocation: the process of implementing the relocation is carried out regularly under strict supervision and inspection to avoid the lowest risk, following the following procedure:
IT System Relocation Service
Benefits bring:
  • Minimize damage to the system and production and business activities during the relocation process,
  • Professional relocation plan, calculated in accordance with the actual needs of the business,
  • Always follow and alert during the relocation of the system,
  • Saving costs, manpower and time.
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