• 28 03 2023
    Acronis Backup - Data backup and recovery solution

    Full name Acronis International GmbH is a privately held technology company founded in 2003 with headquarters in Schaffhausen, Switzerland and 18 offices around the World. Acronis specializes in on-premises and Cloud software for backup, disaster/crash recovery, and secure file syncing and sharing.

  • 23 10 2019
    Telephone Exchange Solution

    PBX system helps you have a network of communication between the internal machines in the enterprise, as well as from the internal to the outside in a convenient, least expensive way. You can also manage your phone system by enabling or disallow an internal device to make outbound, mobile, etc.

  • 22 10 2019
    Virtualization Solution

    There is currently another solution that may be more appropriate. It is the use of virtualization technologies to improve performance, while ensuring convenient administration and security of the system, minimizing investment and operating costs. It is no coincidence that the prestigious IT research and consulting firm Gartner has assessed that virtualization is one of the 10 hottest technology directions of 2008 [2]. And if we track the progress, results of technology and investment moves, promote to promote virtualization solutions from major companies such as Intel, IBM, HP, Cisco ... in recent years, Gartner's judgment is completely grounded.

  • 15 06 2019
    Microsoft Office 365 Solution

    Microsoft Office 365 integrates the latest professional office suite of Microsoft Office 2016, comes with Email Exchange, Sharepoint, Onedrive for Business, Sky for Business applications ... Will create a new advantage for Enterprises.



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