Maintenance Service

Ngày tạo 14/06/2019

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Sunhitech provides the most professional warranty - maintenance IT service:

Provide multi-platform maintenance services for hardware and software.
Maintenance services for computer systems, laptops, server systems, data storage systems.
Advice and warning in time to ensure equipment replacement when the system has a problem.
Service assessing the performance, safety of the system, optimizing the information system: Sunhitech's IT staff will survey and evaluate the operation of the customer information system, the results of the evaluation process is the analysis of experts on the current state of the system, problems and risks, providing optimal solutions to upgrade, troubleshooting when problems occur, and Sunhitech will also refine The entire customer system helps it work optimally.
Maintenance support services with technology firms: IBM, AMP, Cisco, Canon, Microsoft, Lenovo, DELL, Fortinet, Linksys, Polycom, NEC ...
Implementation method: via phone, Email, chat, teamviewer, Onsite directly at the enterprise, Offsite warranty at Sunhitech.
Sunhitech divided into many maintenance packages - diverse warranty for customers to choose: 1 time / month, 1 time / quarter ...
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