Technical support services

Ngày tạo 14/06/2019

 -  763 Lượt xem

Scope of work:
Support troubleshooting of computers, laptops, printers, telephone exchanges, IT-related peripherals.
Assembling and installing hardware equipment, computer systems ...
Consulting, installing software according to customer requirements (Note not responsible for software copyright). Sunhitech will support consulting, providing copyright software for customers.
Coordinate with telecommunications service providers to handle incidents related to Internet and telephone.
Guide customers to use office software.
Support installation of large IT systems for businesses, surveillance camera systems ...
Support all other IT related issues.
Methods and forms: Sunhitech will serve customers' needs through telephone, email, chat, teamviewer or Onsite channels directly at the enterprise.
Implementation process: Sunhitech will let IT staff survey and plan for the system of customers, ensuring to understand the components and scale of the system, making the technical support quick and accurate.
Confidentiality commitment: Sunhitech is committed to protecting customer information in accordance with the law, signing a confidentiality commitment to customers when requested by customers.
Language: Sunhitech supports customers in Vietnamese or English (Please inform other languages ​​in advance)
Payment method: package by month, according to workload or support times.


Gọi 09025 777 63