Sunhitech is a leading company in Viet Nam with certified engineers and have many years in high information technology (IT), it means we always preserve ourselves the highest responsibilities to please your satisfactions.

We always understand that to enterprises, IT can be a real challenge for managements. Sunhitech helps you to win the IT with our new solutions, services, devices. your organization will be in the best hands.

Our philosophy is that we always listen, analyze, understand the demands of each our customers and apply our yearly experiences, skills, thoughts to solve problems, optimizing the demands & help you to focus into your business without worrying about IT managements that what we are looking for. Each customer is as bricks to build the values of Sunhitech.

To talk about the IT, we supply the solutions, services, devices as follow:

Maintenances serivces | Hired engineers services | Shifting systems devices | Emergency suppport services | Systems management services | Network solutions | Security solutions | Videoconference & television systems | Wifi solution systems| Camera solution systems | Datacenter solution systems | Pax solution systems | Access door controls and time clock solution systems| Virtualization solution systems | Office equipment |

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Profile Sunhitech
vision and mission

Vision and Mission

Vision: With the passion in creativity and strong aspiration in creating the value for the firms, Sunhitech Corp always tries the best to become the truthful Company providing brand name solution not only in Vietnam’s market but also in the international one.

Mission: Enhancing the new level of Vietnam’s Brand Name

To the market: We provide the products and services with high quality adapting the international standards and be suitable for the local’s culture.

To the partner: High evaluating the inspiration in cooperate together,committing to become “The First Accompanier” in branding information technology, communication fields. We believe that being creative in professional branding will make our customers more successfully.

To the employee: Each success of employees is also a key contributing to our success. Not only do we create the professional, dynamic and creative environment but also make the conditions to increase income as well as the opportunities for people develop themselves.

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Core Value

Core Value: With the strong spirit of discipline, it is cricial that the first thing Sunhitech corp want to people know is professional culture showing from core values below here: 5 core value below here:

PRESTIGE: The prestige is always the first thing Sunhitech corp keep in each project. We have strong confidence in preparing and make all the effort to ensure the commitment to the customers.

INTELLECT: Sunhitech corp is always creative to make the unique things promoting the spirit of thinking which is “dare to think, dare to do” and creating the dynamic environment for everyone to learn and develop themselves.

CONSCIENTIOUS: Sunhitech corp is not only working with the whole heart and maintaining morality, but also putting the customers as the center.

QUINTESSENTIAL: Sunhitech corp wants to create all the quintes-sential: “The quintessential person – product – service – life”

IMPERSONAL: Sunhitech corp builds the relationships with a humanis-ticspirit as well as creates “Humanity” on the basis of fairness, integrity and upholds the strength of solidarity and sharing.

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core value